May 12, 2010

the ever-improving melbourne muse!

This week we had a meeting with Sarah to run through where Melbourne Muse is headed..
it went ok, but we still have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!
(But on the plus side Annur has found us a pretty cool photo for our header!)

Content wise, I've been putting together some gallery listings this morning.. tedious tedious work! It's going to be hard to keep track of new galleries opening, and old ones closing, I think we'll have to work out a strategy to keep on top of changes. The most efficient way would be to build up our network, so that galleries contact us.. but I'm not sure how realistic that is? is also turning into a tricky site to bend into the shape we want. At the moment we're trying to sort out the best way to organise our content so that it's easy to navigate, and the connections between pages make sense! It's a bit of a challenge!

More to come..

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