Apr 30, 2010

melbourne muse

Ok so we have a name --- Melbourne Muse (!)

Now I'm got to get onto putting together this interview feature that I'm working on!

I'll upload it to the site by tuesday! (I might upload it here as well)

Apr 23, 2010

hyper hyper link

This week in class we looked at hyperlinking

When navigating all these complex (!) questions we need to ask ourselves a few questions: 
  • how web savvy are our readers? (our links need to be just explanatory enough for whoever is reading) 
  • what links do they want? (we need to be sure to provide these, and then surprise them with a few more) 
  • what links are strategic for us? (how can we get our readers coming back for more, and how can we build up networks with the other people doing similar stuff as us?)

So, in relation to 'our site' (no we don't have a name for it yet, that's our homework for this week, any ideas are very much welcome!) we need to consider how our readers will be using it, what information they will expect to find, and what other content they would find useful. The answers to these questions should point us in the right direction. 

ps. Just an after thought - how do you feel about blogrolls? Useful, or a messy list you try to ignore? 

Apr 16, 2010

site content in progress--

I've managed to get a good start on writing a gallery feature on Utopian Slumps for our site. Utopian Slumps has had a fair amount of media coverage of late, having undergone some quite drastic changes. This previously not-for-profit gallery has recently moved from Collingwood to the CBD, the curator-owner Melissa Loughnan trying her hand at something a tad more commercial. The grand opening is tonight at 33 Guildford Lane!  

I'm also commissioning Annur to write an artist interview - we're going to have some pretty cool content!

Also Damien mentioned a good point in his post this week - who are we making this site for? Artists, or the public, or both? I think we originally wanted to create a community bringing the artists and the art-interested together. These two groups feed off each other, and to maximise the quantity and quality of our art in Melbourne, these two groups need to be connected. Communication and networking tools are going to be key in pulling this off, and I think we'll really need to carefully consider how we're going to make it work!

Apr 2, 2010


Our group is now official and we had a productive chat on tuesday, working out some details as to our site's content. We also went over some ideas for initial articles (assignment 2 being imminent) - lots to think about!

So, our team is: Annur, Damien, Stepanka and well, me.

The content (updated weekly):
  • Gallery listing by suburb
  • Events: Past exhibitions (reviews); Currently showing (details as to location/opening date and time/exhibiting period/artist etc); Upcoming shows (details as to location/opening date and time/exhibiting period/artist etc)
  • Community page: Artist classifieds (for anything and everything from organising group shows, finding studio spaces, selling/buying equipment); Forum for questions and answers
  • Interviews/Profiles (artists/galleries)
  • Art supply listings

To give you a better more web-appropriate idea, Damien has made a very cool site-map - this is what we're going for..

And now I guess we start writing..