Mar 26, 2010

new plans

So another week! 

Unfortunately plans to use dreamweaver to create out group website have been sidelined. We just don't have enough access to the program, so the next best thing to a real website is a blog-as-website. What does this mean? Well we'll be using wordpress to create our Melbourne emerging artist's repository. 

Meanwhile our first assignment is coming up, and it should help make the actual details of our presently fictional site more concrete. There are a number of things to consider before our group begins creating our blog-site, such as who is our audience and exactly what information void are we trying to fill for them. I think it will be valuable to include the entire artist run initiative (ARI) world, together with the world of the small independent gallery. Frequently updated content will also be crucial, and we will have to work out a system to track upcoming events so we don't miss a beat! The existing emerging/ avant-garde artist community in Melbourne is quite substantial and needs a thorough and dedicated resource to not only nurture links within it, but also to link it to the outside world and the potential audience that is presently often left in the dark.


Mar 19, 2010

some research & confusing html

Well this weeks class was interesting (vague I know - but I don't really want to elaborate on my deepening phobia of html) 

Enough said? Can I just skip to some cool art sites I've found now?


(I'll take that silence as a yes)

So... to my surprise there are actually a couple of interesting (good!) sites bringing together artist run initiatives across Australian cities.

Here are my pick of the best!

NUCA (Network of Un-collectable Artists) : not only do they have a cool name, but this blog/site claims to cover our entire nation (!), connecting artists and documenting/ promoting events. Although the last event covered is dated Nov 30th 2006...

"NUCA is a nation-wide affiliation connecting those who gravitate towards ephemeral projects, participatory experiences, illegal art actions, and activities that oddify everyday life. Some members make unwieldy installation projects, while others alter billboards, project images in abandoned spaces at night, or exchange ideas rather than objects. Some simply make dead ugly paintings that would never sell.

Because such artworks are often fiendishly tricky to document, they seldom grace the columns of “recognised” publications. NUCA is building a publicity machine of its own, so artists may exchange essential info about their activities, collaborate on new projects, and connect with Uncollectable others."

2. CRAWL : already this one has more going for it simple by appearing update! 
Again another nation-wide site showcasing artist run initiatives, events, interviews and advertising available grants and proposals for shows. What seems to hold this site together is its online community, acting as a fast-track networking service for members. Other features are a blog (regularly updated!) and a facebook page (!)

"Crawl was started in January 2007 by Nicholas Hudson-Ellis in response to a need within the Artist-Run-Initiative (ARI) community for a new type of arts organisation. An organisation that exists to promote ARIs and the artists who they exhibit.

In the world of the commercial art galleries, there is an abundance of press coverage and cash to go around. But within the ARI community, the very group of people who need the most support, and indeed who produce the most engaging and avant-garde work there is limited support.

The aim of Crawl is to provide a central resource for artists, students and anybody interested in the ARI community to find out what is happening in ARIs all around Australia."

Inspiring stuff no?

Well while Crawl is clearly brilliant, our groups slant is to be entirely dedicated to Melbourne (maybe extending throughout Victoria in the future). And of course it will be far better and more amazing on many other levels as well (these details still need to be decided on). I think we need to have a talk (Annur, Damien, when are you two free?)...

Mar 10, 2010

melbourne underground art

Exciting new things were learnt in class this week! (but I'm easily impressed by technology so this probably isn't saying much). Learning all about html etc etc (I'm still too ignorant to elaborate) is changing the way I think about online publishing. I can see this 'building a website' project being really rewarding, and well, really complicated and difficult at the same time. 

This week topics were mulled over, and it seems that there are quite a few interesting website ideas germinating. Our little group has decided to create a directory of sorts of Melbourne's underground art activity. We have such an active artist community here, but for anyone on the outside it's relatively hard to find out what's on, where new spaces are, where old spaces have moved to etc. The idea is to plot out 'art activity' in the city and also to create a forum where artists can post exhibition details and also link up with each other to organise group shows and share studio spaces. It's tough being an artist, and it'd be great to make it a bit easier for all the emerging artists in our city.

That's the thought - more details to come soon!

Mar 5, 2010

continuing on..

this blog will now stretch over from 2009 into 2010! welcome back!

so 2009... 

our publishing industry (well the good guys!) sighed with relief as the government decided to stick with our existing legislation concerning the parallel importation of books (!) 

we also welcomed the arrival of the Kindle (albeit with problems) 

and now we have the iBook... 

I guess the question is whether this year will see the old ways (read paper and ink) left behind as the worldwide publishing industry shifts online

It's going to be an interesting year...