Aug 27, 2009

so popular

i'm just doing some research for an assignment and came across this Popular Penguin widget. have a browse of the latest popular penguins, even have a bit of a read..

the impact of these books is really astounding. every time i go into a bookstore i am tempted to buy one. i carry it around the store while i look at other things, and then end up reluctantly returning it before i leave. i have brought a few home though, and while they are cheap, the tight binding and low quality paper make them not the most enjoyable reading experience. i guess you get what you pay for.

Aug 25, 2009

writers festival

well the Melbourne Writers Festival is on again, and i've been visiting their blog but am yet to go along to an event. this event looks interesting, but with all the assessment i have to do before next week, i'm not sure i'll make it. heres to trying...

has anyone had any memorable festival highlights? i would love to hear about them!

Aug 22, 2009

to doing what i want to do..

I needed a sunny day to look at this morning. 

Aug 18, 2009

ah the freedom of blogging. As bloggers we are under no obligation to do anything in particular. We are free to express whatever it is that we feel strongly (or not so strongly) about. It is a blessing, but it can also very easily lead to a huge amount of uninspiring, useless information. Information that is just added to the bottomless bucket that is the net. Do we feel the need to contribute just because we can? Is this enough to make what we publish on the net a practical, positive contribution? I'm not really sure.

Aug 12, 2009

the future??

i can't imagine a time when books will no longer have pages...
the new yorker looks at the kindle.. is this the future?

p.s a look at the kindle

Aug 4, 2009


I read quite a lot, but mainly in a more linear way (ie. offline). When I read online it's not so much reading but skipping from one thing to another. I get distracted. This is probably more habit than anything else, but with so much information at my fingertips it's hard to be content with just one article or post when I can have more. Maybe I'm just being greedy? 

But this is still valuable reading isn't it? It's the type of reading that creates networks, encourages discourse and meets each reader's needs much more effectively. 

The web is a space for a different kind of knowledge than what we find in books. So I guess I go to each for different purposes. I just hope that the web won't create a generation of readers who will be unsatisfied with the humble book. I'm probably just being greedy again, but we need both.