May 24, 2010

finishing up

The semester is coming to an end, and with Melbourne Muse now up and running, I think our group has done a great job!

We've put up a heap of new content since last week (including an article on Next Wave's Dachshund UN that Annur and I both made it to on Saturday), and are making good use of our twitter feed. It's been heaps of fun writing about Melbourne's great art scene, and I think we'll try to keep Melbourne Muse alive beyond the conclusion of this subject..

One of the toughest things we've had to deal with throughout this project is creating a clear idea of who we're writing for. After much discussion we decided that Melbourne Muse is a site for emerging artists, who are also in fact ardent gallery visitors. So our content needs to speak to both the artist and the art-enthusiast! To address this, we have a variety of content for the artist (information on grants, figure drawing etc) and the art enthusiast (gallery listings, reviews, artist profiles, critiques etc). And of course the art enthusiast may decide to take up figure drawing, and the artist will most certainly be interested in the opening of a new gallery or an interview with one of their peers. It's this crossing of audiences and relevant information that makes for a vibrant cultural landscape, when the artistic community is made up of not just the artists, but the people interested in seeing the art and talking about it.

We hope Melbourne Muse will become a part of this exchange in Melbourne, making it richer and more accessible to people from all walks of life. Thanks for reading, and we'll be in touch!

May 17, 2010

getting better...

So Melbourne Muse has undergone a bit of design work, and it's looking pretty good if I don't say so myself :)

Also the content is coming along, if a tad slowly. I've just uploaded our first batch of gallery listings - there sure were a lot more than I expected! Melbourne is awesome!

We also have a brief spiel on our About page! (it just keeps on getting better!)

Another note on Melbourne's greatness - don't forget to check out the Next Wave festival, it's on now!!

May 12, 2010

the ever-improving melbourne muse!

This week we had a meeting with Sarah to run through where Melbourne Muse is headed..
it went ok, but we still have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!
(But on the plus side Annur has found us a pretty cool photo for our header!)

Content wise, I've been putting together some gallery listings this morning.. tedious tedious work! It's going to be hard to keep track of new galleries opening, and old ones closing, I think we'll have to work out a strategy to keep on top of changes. The most efficient way would be to build up our network, so that galleries contact us.. but I'm not sure how realistic that is? is also turning into a tricky site to bend into the shape we want. At the moment we're trying to sort out the best way to organise our content so that it's easy to navigate, and the connections between pages make sense! It's a bit of a challenge!

More to come..

May 10, 2010

re-visiting CRAWL

I've just registered to CRAWL - I want to see how this site works, and thought it would be useful to have insider access!

This site has so many people joining everyday, it's quite impressive..
also one key feature of this site is it's extensive and regularly updated 'current events' listing on the main page. I think this needs to be a key feature for melbourne muse as well.

Also I think we need to get a twitter feed going asap!

Ok more updates on my investigation to come soon.. :)

May 2, 2010

artist of the week!

Ilia Farah Rosli: Everything and nothing at the same time

Annur Yusuf

I'm standing in Ilia's kitchen, slouching over the kitchen bench as she makes me a cup of tea. I glance at the gigantic fruit bowl near the window, which supplies every common fruit imaginable. "We're a fruit house", she proclaims, "we eat a lot of fruit!".

Ilia at home

Recent works in Ilia's exhibition at Y3K have dealt with the organic and the natural, using materials such as fruit and vegetables. Her work, Brand new, a potato covered in fruit stickers, is an interesting exploration of notions of identity. She calls the conception of this work a "happy accident". She would bring a piece of fruit into class everyday, and with each fruit she'd collect the sticker. It thus became a "beautiful collection and I'd collect more and more stickers". Ilia decided to stick them all onto the potato, giving it a new identity, a multiplicity of generic labels which simultaneously recreated it. "It is everything and nothing at the same time", she explains.

Brand new, various fruit stickers, potato, 2009

Born in Geelong, and spending her childhood in Kuala Lumpur, Ilia's mixed upbringing is often reflected in notions of duality in her work, combinations of old and new, of formal and informal. She works with recycled materials far from the traditional artist's tools, giving them a second life. These objects are used to create monumental pieces, such as Play house, which was showcased at Bus Projects last month. Play house consists of a wooden door, a blow-up globe and a gym ball, balanced and integrated to create a massive sculpture. "I like dealing with things at hand", she says. "I like to operate with things as I go; it's a more fluid approach and this tends to be the most fun. I don't want to always try to justify materials and ideas beforehand because this makes it too academic."

Her most recent exhibition at Y3K utilises organic materials rather than recyclables. Ilia claims that organic materials are honest, "you drop them, they bruise, they smell nice when ripe, when they rot they're ready to throw out". In Time and a half, she divides a lime then pieces it back together using gaffa tape. By joining the segments in a slightly off kilter manner she is "disrupting their flow", and overtime the lime begins to look like a rotting lemon, and in a way becomes whole once again.

Time and a half, lime, gaffa tape, 2010

As I drink my cup of tea, I can't help but imagine the kind of art that will be constructed from the fruit in the communal fruit bowl. On the windowsill I see oddly shaped potatoes covered in plaster. "My housemates are getting used to me drawing on food and covering objects with feathers or plaster", she says. "No one has told me off, just yet!".

Apr 30, 2010

melbourne muse

Ok so we have a name --- Melbourne Muse (!)

Now I'm got to get onto putting together this interview feature that I'm working on!

I'll upload it to the site by tuesday! (I might upload it here as well)

Apr 23, 2010

hyper hyper link

This week in class we looked at hyperlinking

When navigating all these complex (!) questions we need to ask ourselves a few questions: 
  • how web savvy are our readers? (our links need to be just explanatory enough for whoever is reading) 
  • what links do they want? (we need to be sure to provide these, and then surprise them with a few more) 
  • what links are strategic for us? (how can we get our readers coming back for more, and how can we build up networks with the other people doing similar stuff as us?)

So, in relation to 'our site' (no we don't have a name for it yet, that's our homework for this week, any ideas are very much welcome!) we need to consider how our readers will be using it, what information they will expect to find, and what other content they would find useful. The answers to these questions should point us in the right direction. 

ps. Just an after thought - how do you feel about blogrolls? Useful, or a messy list you try to ignore?